Flourless Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Contributed by Susan

The Recipe: Flourless Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies


You guessed it, from Craveable Keto.  I struggled with this one a little bit, but I think it has enough potential to give it another go with the knowledge gained from this batch.

The Bottom Line: Undecided, but I think there is great potential here.  I didn’t flatten my first tray enough and I overbaked my second.  So I need to try this again to get it right.

The Nitty Gritty: You will need two cookie sheet pans for this one as they don’t fit on one well and they really do need to cool on the pan.  I only have one silpat so I used parchment paper for the other pan and it worked just fine.

The dough mixed up easily and as expected.  My almond butter was unsalted so I added teaspoon of salt.  If you need to do this I recommend using a finer salt than Kosher or sea salt.  Iodized salt will do a better job of dissolving into the dough.  The larger crystal salt remains in the finished cookies.


I used a scoop to measure out my cookies (thanks Alton Brown) and it came out very close to her expected yield with mine making one extra cookie.

My cookies didn’t spread at all so I recommend flattening them quite a bit into finished cookie proportions.  Also do not over bake, I would pull them at 9 minutes as directed even though mine were still pretty loose at that time.  Then do let them cool completely on the pan before moving them.  In contrast to regular cookies these do not taste best when warm.  They taste very nutty and you think you made a peanut butter cookie instead!  After cooling however, they are fall more in the chocolate chip cookie realm.  Next time I think I will go heavy on the chocolate chips, just personal preference!

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