Keto Crackers

The Recipe: Almond Flour Keto Crackers

Raw crackers headed into the hot box.

The Nitty Gritty: This recipe comes from Annie at KetoFocus. She’s got a great YouTube channel and loads of easy, delicious recipes. I made these crackers very recently and was amazed. I did make a few modifications: I didn’t have butter extract, so I subbed melted butter for the olive oil; and instead of Italian seasoning, I used a ranch dressing mix (I got it from Penzeys – it wasn’t the chemical-laden one from the grocery store. Yes, there is a SMALL amount of sugar in it. Worth it, in my opinion).

I had to bake my crackers much longer than directed – maybe my oven temp is off? They weren’t browning (even after about an hour in the oven), so I upped the temp a bit and they finally got some color. Next time I’ll try 275° and I expect I’ll get the browning I anticipated.

I tried the crackers the day I made them, I could really notice the xanthan gum in the texture. They had a bit of a gumminess as I chewed, but that really mellowed by the next day. Annie recommends a paper bag for storage, but I live in a very humid climate, so I didn’t think the paper bag was a good idea for me. Instead, I stored my crackers in a ziptop bag with a food-safe desiccant pack and they’ve stayed nice and crisp. These will be my go-to crackers!

The Bottom Line: These are BY FAR the best keto cracker recipe I’ve tried. They are easy and delicious and I will definitely make them again.

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