Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce

The Recipe: Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce

The Bottom Line: Holy cow, this sauce is delicious. If you are in need of a good BBQ sauce recipe that’s keto-friendly, your search is over. Seriously. Make this.

The Nitty Gritty: I don’t know HOW I have not ever tried this recipe after being keto for over 3 years, but somehow it had eluded me. I can safely say that I will not even bother wasting my time in the future searching for a BBQ sauce recipe because THIS. IS. IT.

Of COURSE I should have known the recipe would be good – it comes from Carolyn Ketchum over at All Day I Dream About Food. I have never been disappointed by any of her recipes. This sauce certainly beats out ANY of the “keto-friendly” sauces on the market (and I have tried quite a few, with zero desire to re-purchase any of them).

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