Kim’s Keto Bagels

The Recipe: Kim’s Keto Bagels

The Bottom Line: I really like this one. If you are looking something that is exactly like bread this isn’t it. But it is a delicious option as a vehicle for sandwich fixins. They are a bit dry when cold, so I usually halve them and toast them like I would a regular bagel. When warmed I find the dry factor disappears.

The Nitty Gritty: When I first made these I was worried about finding the hemp hearts, but it turns out they are available in most of my local groceries. I do not love the directions for these. After making them the first time as written I changed them. Now I put everything into a food processor (do make sure your cream cheese is at room temperature) and buzz it up. It comes together in there into a ball of dough similar to sugar cookie dough. Then I divide it up into six and bake in a doughnut pan as she recommends.

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