Low-Carb Cauliflower Toast

Contributed by Susan

The Recipe: Low- Carb Cauliflower Toast

I still haven’t broken down and gotten a chaffle iron, so I’m still looking at alternative food conveyance methods (aka bread). Julie is the resident chaffle expert and I wish I was nearby so I could go try some of hers! I need to get on it.

The Bottom Line:  This recipe has potential. The recipe itself needs a few more specifics and I might make a few changes, but I do think I will try them again.

The Nitty Gritty:  The recipe lacks a few details that would have been helpful. I wish that it indicated the amount of cauliflower in terms of cups of riced cauliflower as the heads around here vary in size pretty dramatically. I have a feeling with the amount of riced cauliflower I got out of mine today I should have doubled the cheese and egg. It’ll take making the recipe a couple of times to figure that out.

I wasn’t sure I squeezed enough water out in the cheese cloth step. I think I probably could have used a little more time on that one even though I tried to do a very thorough job.

It didn’t mention how thick the toasts should be formed into. I made my best guess and they did come out as I think they were intended. Maybe?

With the cheddar cheese they do come out on the savory side and it is noticeable. I don’t think it would be appropriate for a sweet application as written. I might try using mozzarella next time.

The reason for trying this recipe is I’ve been missing over easy eggs on toast. So that is what I went with for lunch. Julie suggested using them as a base for eggs benedict and that sounds like a wonderful idea.

I have 5 slices left over and I do think I will need to reheat them in the oven or a quick heat in a skillet as I’m guessing microwaving will not be kind to them.

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