15 Minute Grain Free Torillas

Contributed by Susan

The Recipe: 15 Minute Grain Free Tortillas

Once again Julie gets credit for find this gem.

The Bottom Line:  Fam. This is the holy grail. We can have tacos again. The world is a better place now.

The Nitty Gritty:  I made this recipe as directed. I also did purchase a tortilla press even before I made them because Julie assured me this recipe was worth it and the press made them 1000% easier to make. Correct on both points. She’s my bestie for a reason, and she wins the internet just for this.

The tortillas as directed are roughly 5″ across which is more street taco size, but one could always double them up and make larger ones. They are very slightly almondy and a touch drier than a traditional flour tortilla. These are extremely small faults in an absolute winner of a recipe. All of the ingredients are ones I keep in my kitchen anyway as well. Color me impressed.

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