Easy Cashew Chicken

Contributed by Susan

The Recipe: Easy Cashew Chicken


I’ve made this recipe two or three times now and have made some changes to the original recipe.  KetoConnect has been a great resource for me and I highly recommend checking out their videos and recipes!

The Bottom Line: Two thumbs up.  This is a relatively simple recipe that yields a flavorful satisfying dish.  It does have a teensy bit of heat from the chili garlic sauce so if you’re sensitive to heat, go easy with it.  I personally like the modifications I’ve made, but its also quite good as is.  My husband wished it was a little more saucy so I might try it with more modifications with that in mind.

The Nitty Gritty: I changed quite a few things, but none of them really big changes.  First, I really like having lefties for lunches so I doubled everything.  I toasted the cashews as they suggest, but then sautéed the chicken thighs in peanut oil rather than canola.  I also wanted a little more veg so I added some zucchini to the peppers and onions.  Before sautéing the veg, garlic, chili garlic sauce, and seasonings I removed the chicken from the pan as I felt adding all that to the chicken would crowd my pan too much.

Then when I was ready to add the liquids and cashews I just tossed the already cooked chicken back in with everything and was very happy with the results.  Highly recommend their garnish suggestions, the green onion, sesame seeds, and especially the sesame oil make a wonderful finish to this dish.  I serve over cauliflower rice.

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