Yet Another Food Blog

Contributed by Susan

I’m coming up on my 1st Ketoversary in a few days and Julie will celebrate hers a few months from now.  I’ve had some pretty solid success in both the scale and non scale aspects of the voodoo magic that is keto.  I’m very much still learning and struggle to change my understanding of how food works.  All the (mis)conceptions that I’ve been working under for so many years is taking a while to undo!

On a recent trip to visit with Julie we were waxing rhapsodic about keto and the tools and recipes we’ve found over the last year as we often do.  She introduced me to Plan To Eat which is now my go to online recipe book, with the added bonus that she and I friends in it and I can look at all her recipes too.  Bonus.  While chatting, she suggested maybe we should share our attempts at the recipes we try in a blog rather than just sending each other messages.  Why not?  Maybe there are other people like us, keto foodies with a need for good eats.


Picture of one of my pups because he’s cute and I felt like there should be a picture.

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